2003 Ford Focus ZX3 | Welcome Home


This car was purchased in between P4 and P5 therefore, the 4.5. It never made it into the Project line up since I don’t actually own the car. This 2003 Ford Focus ZX3 belongs to Matthew Hunter Bailey, my best friend, classmate, and roommate of the last three years.

JRS_6475[1]-EditIn the past three years, I have maintained and repaired this car of all of its major faults. It was a great deal for Bailey since there was a laundry list of repairs that needed to be done in order to get the car in a reliable working condition. All major repairs were accomplished within a few weeks with a few on-line orders and many late nights. There have been a few outstanding issues that have been outside of my abilities and outside of Bailey’s budget. As a starving college student working part time at a restaurant and as an active US Army reservist, Bailey has made just enough to change the oil and keep gas in the tank.

This focus holds a special place in PVT Bailey’s life as this is his first car. This is also the car in which I taught him to drive and the car he took his drivers test in (4th times the charm).

This past week, PVT Bailey deployed to a combat zone (OPSEC) for more than a year. This is his first deployment and his first time outside of the country. As a military veteran myself, I know how stressful this time can be, and how much harder it can be to transition back to civilian life when he returns. While he is gone, Bailey has entrusted me with his personal finances, his belongings, his awesome dog Sam, and his Ford Focus. He knows that I will be doing some repairs to the car and some basic maintenance. My plan is to surprise him when he returns with a completely repaired car. Not just repaired, but enhanced… think OEM+.

Over the past few months, I have poked and prodded Bailey about what he would want to do to his car if he had the money. With that information, I have a general idea of what his dream focus would look like, and this is what I came up with: JRS_6485[1]2-Edit

Here is the plan: (Items/Mods in Bold are needed. If you would like to donate, please contact me at admin@focusrush.com) (line items in red have been completed)


– Kona Green Paint
– Gloss Black Roof
– Gloss Black Hood center
– Black Housing Headlights
– Red LED 3rd Brake Light
– Colormatched Side Trim
– Colormatched Hatch Trim
– Colormatched Door Handles
– SVT Front Bumper
– SVT Rear Bumper
– SVT Mirrors
– SVT/SAP Wing


– Lowering Springs
– Replacement dampers
– Replacement sway bar endlinks
– 17″ SVT EAP Wheels in Gold
– Replace front passenger wheel bearing
– New Tires


– CARB Legal Intake
– Lunchbox Delete
– Underdrive Pullies
– Powdercoated Contour Valve Cover
– Carbon (or other) Plug Wire Cover
– Replacement Battery Cover
– Repair Cruise Control
– Repair Air Conditioning
– Replace Water Pump


– Blaupunkt Headunit with GPS & Bluetooth Handsfree Calling
– Replacement Speakers (they’re toast) (Component preferred)
– SVT Subwoofer (or like) Something that won’t take much trunk space
– Black HVAC/Stereo Surround
– SVT Steering Wheel
– Custom Seats (SVT?) with ACU Camo inserts instead of red or blue
– Custom flooring in the trunk that the dogs paws can grip, and will release dog hair easily
– New headliner in Black
– Re-Cover hatch trunk lid in a material that doesn’t hold dog hair

Bailey uses this car for three things:
1. Go to school
2. Go to work
3. Bring his dog Sam to the Dog Park

Every modification and repair must keep these three things in mind. My hope is to have this car complete and at little to no monetary cost to myself of PVT Bailey. If you have any parts listed above in good condition, and would like to support this project, please contact FocusRush at admin@focusrush.com

As information and progress becomes available, you’ll find it here first!

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