Performance Parts | 1.6L Ecoboost

Performance Parts | 1.6L Ecoboost

The 1.6L Ecoboost was the most powerful engine offered (North America) in the Transit Connect, but for many, wasn’t powerful enough. Many have a hard time finding after-market performance parts listed for the Transit Connect and at times can seem hopeless. Here is a comprehensive list of parts designed for other Ford applications that work perfectly in the TC 1.6L Eco.

Mountune Silicone Induction Hose:

The red thing. Didn’t really notice any real increase with this, but just by observation alone, this piece will create far less turbulence than the OEM rubber corrugated hose. I say it adds visual horsepower, because we all know, red stuff under the hood means power. lol

Price: ~$69.00

Fiesta ST Engine Cover

It was a direct fit. I hated the original engine cover. So boring. Since it’s the identical engine as the FiST anyways, less the tune, might was well wear the proper hat.

Price: ~$45.00

 Boomba Bypass Valve Adapter for Fiesta ST:

Simple and easy install with only three bolts. I didn’t even have to remove the wheel to get to it. Now my van goes PSSSHHHHH and everyone that hears it looks so incredibly confused. I love it! I will say, that since the bypass valve is electronically controlled, it does go off a bit too much. It’s sensitive enough to blow off in my driveway in the morning at idle when it goes from cold to warm cycle. Turbosmart does make one for the Fiesta ST that will also bolt up, but converts it to vacuum controlled versus electronic.

Price: ~$85.00

Oil Caps

Do you need a different oil cap? Nope. Do you want a different oil cap? Absolutely. Here are two that I have come across that I have confirmed fit onto the 1.6L Transit Connect engine. I’ll be going for a Mountune cap as soon as I have extra money burning a hole in my pocket.

Mountune Oil Filler Cap
Price: $59.00

Boomba Fiesta ST Oil Cap
Price: $39.00

Mishimoto Hoonigan Fiesta ST Oil Cap
Price: $48.75

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